About Joraku

  • Joraku
  • JORAKU is the premium rice “Shochu”(Japanese traditional spirit)brand which Joraku Distillery has been producing for more than 100 years in the Kuma area located in Kyushu.

    “Shochu” traditionally produced in the Kuma area is called “Kuma Shochu”, which is approved as a Geographical Indication (GI) by WTO together with Scotch whiskey, Bordeaux wine and Cognac brandy.

  • History

    “Shochu” was first brought to the Kuma area from the Asian Continent during the Warring States Period in the 16th century. Since then the successive “Toji” (master distillers) have kept the long lasting tradition, as well as have refined the taste and aroma continuously by persistent efforts. Joraku Distillery was born more than 100 years ago, and has been a representative distillery in the area.

  • Joraku
  • Joraku
  • Climate and nature

    The Kuma area, where Joraku Distillery is located, has a wide range of temperature differences, surrounded by mountains. The area is famous for deep and fantastic morning mist brought about by the basin shaped valley.
    The Kuma River, one of the most rapid streams in Japan, supplies the clear underflow water with the area. This best combination of the climate and the nature contributes to JORAKU’s premium quality.

  • Succeeded tradition

    The traditional production methods and arts of JORAKU have been succeeded by the “Toji” along with their craftsmanship. JORAKU, after the fermentation and distillation processes, is characteristically stored and matured in oak barrels for years, during which it grows subtle amber, rich flavor, mellow and smooth taste by complex reacts between wood extracts and ambient air of the Japanese four seasons.

  • Joraku

JORAKU is the real spirits of Japan!